Sentence Examples

  • Roasting asparagus and garlic brings out the complex flavors of both, giving it a nice caramelized flavor that is a perfect counterpoint for pork chops, standing rib roast or roast chicken.
  • The halter gathers the bosoms together for a slightly minimizing effect, while the flaired skirt bottom adds just enough fullness at the bottom to create a counterpoint.
  • Choose simple, clean jewelry as a counterpoint to glitzy gowns, but go bold and edgy with statement necklaces and other pieces when dressing up simpler silhouettes.
  • This is taking advantage of the fact that the floor itself is made of wood, and therefore becomes a tool for making rhythmic counterpoint to the cheers.
  • The 101ers were a pub-rock band, a group of bands that formed as a counterpoint to the excess that was becoming apparent in popular music.