Sentence Examples

  • Y g Y g infinite or causes, correlative and reciprocally finite, to which absolute.
  • (d) The correlative process of Combination is less elaborately sketched, but in a luminous passage in the Politicus (§ 278), in explaining by means of an example the nature and of examples, Plato represents it as the bringing use P ?
  • The doctrine of space and time as forms of sense-perception, the reference of both space and time and the pure intellectual notions to the laws of the activity of mind itself, the distinction between sense and understanding as one of kind, not of degree, with the correlative distinction between phenomena and noumena, - all of these reappear, though changed and modified, in the Kritik.
  • Inner and outer reality are strictly correlative elements in the experience of the conscious subject.
  • This test is roughly of two kinds, first by the ultimate principles or presuppositions on which a particular branch of knowledge rests, and second by the comparison of correlative facts.

What's another word for correlative?

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