Sentence Examples

  • The programme was carried out by the so-called "infernal columns."
  • In February 1884 there was a plot to blow up four London railway stations by means of clockwork infernal machines containing dynamite, brought from America.
  • The rebellion would probably have died out but for the measures of the new Republican general Turreau, who wasted La Vendee so horribly with his "infernal columns" that he drove the peasants to take up arms once more.
  • But for Ixion in Heaven, The Infernal Marriage, and Popanilla, Disraeli could not be placed among the greater writers of his kind; yet none of his imaginative books have been so little read as these.
  • But sacrifices to earth divinities were made on the earth itself, and those to the infernal deities in sunk hollows (Odyss.

What's another word for infernal?

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