Sentence Examples

  • Like the English scholar and statesman, Thomas Wilson, he owed his escape to the riot which broke out on the death of Paul IV.
  • Shams-uddin's aggressive character roused the people of Iconium against him, and during a riot in which Jalal-uddin's eldest son, 'Ala-uddin, was killed, he was arrested and probably executed; at least he was no more seen.
  • On Fructidor 10 and 11 (27th and 28th of August), when the prisoners were removed from Paris, there were tentative efforts at a riot with a view to rescue, but these were easily suppressed.
  • After a mutiny of soldiers there in 1881, the town was greatly excited by the arrival of an Anglo-French fleet in May 1882, and on the 11th of June a terrible riot and massacre took place, resulting in the death of four hundred Europeans.
  • They were demolished, but as no troops were landed immediately a fresh riot and massacre ensued.

What's another word for riot?

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