Sentence Examples

  • William's next quarrel was with Pope Alexander III., and arose out of a double choice for the vacant bishopric of St Andrews.
  • A man who killed another in a quarrel must swear he did not do so intentionally, and was then only fined according to the rank of the deceased.
  • If the assault only led to injury and was unintentional, the assailant in a quarrel had to pay the doctor's fees.
  • In the quarrel between Jackson and John C. Calhoun, Green supported the latter, and through the columns of the Telegraph violently attacked the administration.
  • Gabotto and Badini-Gonfalonieri (1894) with bibliography; for the quarrel with Politian see also C. Meiners Lebensbeschreibungen der beruhmten Manner (1796), ii.

What's another word for quarrel?

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