Sentence Examples

  • (b) Geology has also won its battles, and few now try to harmonize it with Genesis.
  • The passages last referred to harmonize with the account given in Gen.
  • In Shelley's Julian and Maddalo, 40, - "(talk) such as once, so poets tell, I The devils held within the dales of Hell I Concerning God, freewill and destiny," - vales has been suggested to make it harmonize with the passage of Milton to which reference is made: but the argument is not conclusive.
  • They were also ridiculed in witty verses by Moliere, Boileau and La Fontaine, and gradually the name Escobar came to be used in France as a synonym for a person who is adroit in making the rules of morality harmonize with his own interests.
  • 2 But again, the same conception served to harmonize the higher and the lower elements of human life.