Sentence Examples

  • They are a strange blend of sophistry, superstition, sound sense and solid argument.
  • It may be added that we have here no generalization imported from a higher level of culture, but an idea or blend of ideas familiar to primitive thought.
  • The population of the north shore of the Solway Firth at the beginning of the 5th century were probably either Picts or Goidels or a blend of both, and naturally hostile to the Romanized Britons.
  • The analysis of the specific variations of organic form so as to determine what is really the nature and limitation of a single " character " or " individual variation," and whether two such true and strictly defined single variations of a single structural unit can actually " blend " when one is transmitted by the male parent and the other by the female parent, are matters which have yet to be determined.
  • Due to the process of natural selection, prey that blend in to their environments are more likely to survive and pass on those genes that allowed survival.

What's another word for blend?

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