Sentence Examples

  • The original method of charging adopted in Great Britain took the telephone instrument as the unit, charging a fixed annual rental independent of the amount of use to which the instrument was put.
  • As in Virginia, the county is the unit of government, though an unsuccessful attempt to introduce the township system was made in the first constitution.
  • Between 1500 and 4000 metres the charge inside the unit tube is much less, only 0.000040.
  • The velocities in unit field-he takes to be 1 3 X300 for the positive, and I.
  • The ecclesiastical unit in episcopacy is a diocese, comprising many churches and ruled by a prelate; in congregationalism it is a single church, self-governed and entirely independent of all others; in Presbyterianism it is a presbytery or council composed of ministers and elders representing all the churches within a specified district.

What's another word for unit?

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