Sentence Examples

  • Dean had trouble remembering who was who but all were of like mind in their affection for the old man who turned up the charm meter a notch or two.
  • Double Image Micrometers are described in the article HELIO METER (q.v.).
  • Forms of open circuit wave meter have been devised by Slaby and by Fleming.
  • 2 In Donitz's wave meter a condenser of variable capacity is associated with inductance coils of various sizes, and the wave meter is placed near the antenna so that its inductance coils have induced currents created in them.
  • The Fleming closed circuit wave meter, called by him a cymometer, consists of a sliding tube condenser and a long helix of wire forming an inductance; these are connected together and to a copper bar in such a manner that by one movement of a handle the capacity of the tubular condenser is altered in the same proportion as the amount of the spiral inductance which is included in the circuit.

What's another word for meter?

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