Sentence Examples

  • Thus the whole method of measurement in geometry as described in the elementary textbooks and the older treatises is obscure to the last degree.
  • Complex spectra of stars of the solar type this is by no means the case; for, as Dr Hartmann remarks, " in the first place the lines in these spectra are so numerous that their complete measurement and reduction would require many days, and in the second place a rigorous reduction of such material has hitherto not been at all possible because the wave-lengths of the lines are not known with sufficient accuracy.
  • The celebrated Newland oak in Gloucestershire, known for centuries as "the great oak," was by the latest measurement 472 ft.
  • AMPEREMETER, or Ammeter, an instrument for the measurement of electric currents in terms of the unit called the ampere.
  • The above-described gravity type can be employed with certain restrictions for the measurement of alternating currents.

What's another word for measurement?

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