Sentence Examples

  • Actiaca Aera was a computation of time from the battle of Actium.
  • Much labour was bestowed by him upon facilitating the computation of the movements of the asteroids.
  • The British agent then applied for an adjournment of eight months, ostensibly in order that the two governments might conclude a supplemental convention, it having been meanwhile privately arranged between the arbitrators that an extra-judicial declaration should be obtained from the arbitrators on the subject of the direct claims. On the 19th of June Count Sclopis intimated on behalf of all his colleagues that, without intending to express any opinion upon the interpretation of the treaty, they had arrived at the conclusion that "the indirect claims did not constitute upon the principles of international law applicable to such cases a good foundation for an award or computation of damages between nations."
  • The number of eggs laid is enormous, one computation putting it at twenty thousand.
  • This computation attained currency among the later Jews (Josephus and others; cf.

What's another word for computation?

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