Sentence Examples

  • In 1646, when the victory of the parliamentary cause was assured, Powell returned to Wales, having received a certificate of character from the Westminster Assembly, although he had refused to be ordained by the Presbyterians.
  • In July 1871 he was returned to the National Assembly for Marseilles at a by-election, and voted steadily with the Republican party.
  • Judged by the objects for which it was summoned the Westminster Assembly was a failure, a remarkable failure.
  • In 1787 and in 1788 he was a member of the Assembly of Notables called together by Louis XVI., and in 1788 presided over the assembly of the clergy.
  • The general assembly is representative of the whole Church, either, as in the Irish General Assembly, by a minister and elder sent direct to it from every congregation, or, as in the Scottish General Assemblies, by a proportion of dele- Assembly.

What's another word for assembly?

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