Sentence Examples

  • In addition to a range of materials to keep you warm in almost any weather, you'll find that there are simple styles and those that offer details inspired by the Native Americans (take a look at the Ely Rodeo Canvas Jacket for an example).
  • He gave a tape to G.Love, who loved what he heard and covered Johnson's song Rodeo Clowns for G.Love and Special Sauce's Philadelphonic album, even inviting Johnson into the studio to lend some vocals to the track.
  • While many men who love a country-and-western lifestyle discard a new belt's standard buckle and replace it with the cowboy buckle of their choice, rodeo stars are famous for wearing these particular buckles.
  • Boutiques are located on Fifth Avenue in New York City as well as on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, along with numerous international locations in London, Paris, Tokyo, and other cities.
  • Shia came from a family of performers - his grandfather was a comedian who worked in the Catskill Mountains, his dad was a circus and rodeo clown and his mother was a ballerina.