Sentence Examples

  • Adding another layer of separation between past-Deidre and his mate settled some of his turmoil.
  • Mr. Shipton is still in town and I think it would be wise if you spoke to an attorney or someone to settle the ground rules of your separation from him.
  • It was as if this separation was by miles only, and not the great chasm created by the disap¬≠pearance of Jeffrey Byrne.
  • For the technical preparation of cobalt, and its separation from nickel, see Nickel.
  • This salt may be used for the separation of cobalt and nickel, since the latter metal does not form a similar double nitrite, but it is necessary that the alkaline earth metals should be absent, for in their presence nickel forms complex nitrites containing the alkaline earth metal and the alkali metal.

What's another word for separation?

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