Sentence Examples

  • It was only a fracture, but she's going to have to stay off it for six weeks.
  • The modus operandi is briefly as follows: The position of the fracture is determined by electrical tests from both ends, with more or less accuracy, depending on the nature of the fracture, but with a probable error not exceeding a few miles.
  • When this has been done an electrical test is applied, and if the original fracture is between ship and shore the heaving in of cable will continue until the end comes on board.
  • Another buoy is then lowered to mark this spot, and the cable on the other side of the fracture grappled for, brought to the surface, and, if communication is found perfect with the shore, buoyed with sufficient chain and rope attached to allow of the cable itself reaching the bottom.
  • Any clean cut, fracture or bruise which injures the cambium over a limited area is met with the same response.

What's another word for fracture?

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