Sentence Examples

  • Once committed to the Russian alliance, however, he became the faithful henchman of the emperor Alexander, whose fascinating personality exercised over him to the last a singular power, and began that influence of Russia at the court of Berlin which was to last till Frederick William IV.'s supposed Liberalism was to shatter the cordiality of the entente.
  • There the great secession from Rome was brought about by Martin Luther; but, in spite of his striking personality, the upheaval which was destined to shatter the unity of the Western Church was not his undivided work.
  • Piles made of steel concrete are driven into the ground with blows that would shatter the best of timber.
  • Shatter the whole rotten structure of the Habsburg monarchy, which survived only owing to the apathy of the populations it oppressed.
  • Of a pillar, may be projected, whilst the latter measures the effort exerted by an earthquake to overturn or shatter various bodies.

What's another word for shatter?

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