Sentence Examples

  • The Others had managed to disintegrate his condo without a hint of damage elsewhere.
  • Though no great scholar or writer, he was a powerful force in the England of his day, and helped materially to disintegrate the medieval conditions still obtaining, and to introduce the humanist movement.
  • The antipodal cells aid more or less in the process of nutrition of the developing embryo, and may undergo multiplication, though they ultimately disintegrate, as do also the synergidae.
  • Thus Sir Redvers Buller had no choice but to disintegrate the army corps.
  • A century later their pciitical hegemony, extending from the Black Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar, began to disintegrate, and the Gauls then embarked on more distant migrations, from the Columns of Hercules to the plateaux of Asia Minor, taking Rome on their way.

What's another word for disintegrate?

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