Sentence Examples

  • She missed her with a torpedo and opened fire at Boo yards.
  • There the German torpedo craft and German submarines lay in a safe base only some 60 m.
  • They were to be supported by five bombarding monitors ("Marshal Soult," "Lord Clive," "Prince Eugene," "General Crawford," M24 and M26) and covered by five British destroyers ("Swift," "Faulknor," "Matchless," "Mastiff" and "Afridi"), with three British destroyers and six French torpedo boats attending on the monitors ("Mentor," "Lightfoot," "Zubian," "Lestin," "Capitaine Mehl," "Francis Gamier," "Roux," "Bouclier").
  • There are separate basins for fishing boats and a dock for torpedo-boat flotilla.
  • A gunboat and a torpedo boat constitute the navy, which, however, requires.

What's another word for torpedo?

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