Sentence Examples

  • The great figure in the siege was naturally Bohemund (who had also been the hero of Dorylaeum).
  • Of no hero of antiquity do we possess so life-like a portrait.
  • The brigand Fra Diavolo, the hero of Auber's opera, was a native of Itri, and the place was once noted for brigandage.
  • It was against the Mahommedan king of Bijapur in the Deccan that Sivaji, the hero of Mahratta history, first rebelled in 1657.
  • What appears the most probable solution is that which regards Lancelot as the hero of an independent and widely diffused folk-tale, which, owing to certain special circumstances, was brought into contact with, and incorporated in, the Arthurian tradition.

What's another word for hero?

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