Sentence Examples

  • In the pursuit of pure science for its own sake, undisturbed by sordid considerations, he shone as a beacon light to younger men - an exemplar of simple tastes, robust nature and lofty aspirations.
  • 58): "Plautus ad exemplar Siculi properare Epicharmi."
  • An interesting light on the history of the written text seems to be afforded by the phenomena of the existing MS. The poem is divided into numbered sections, the length of which was probably determined by the size of the pieces of parchment of which an earlier exemplar consisted.
  • A copy, qua copy, can never be the equal of the exemplar, and it may be much its inferior.
  • - These will generally imply an exemplar in which the words were without any division or without a sufficient one.

What's another word for exemplar?

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