Sentence Examples

  • When he finished, the Exemplar approached them and scrutinized the two young vampires.
  • The Exemplar folded his hands, contemplating the request, then turned and walked to the front of the dais.
  • 1: 58), where he says that Plautus was regarded as a second Epicharmus: Plautus ad exemplar Siculi properare Epicharmi - a passage which is important as suggesting that Plautus was under some obligation to the Sicilian representatives of the old Dorian comedy; cf.
  • Less fortunate than his great exemplar, Charlemagne, Stephen had to depend entirely upon foreigners - men like the Saxon Asztrik 1 (c. 976-1010), the first Hungarian primate; the Lombard St Gellert (c. 977-1046); the Bosomanns, a German family, better known under the Magyarized form of their name Pazmany, and many others who came to Hungary in the suite of his enlightened consort Gisela of Bavaria.
  • The Exemplar Humanae Vitae of Uriel d'Acosta also deserves reference.

What's another word for exemplar?

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