Sentence Examples

  • The family was illustrious and wealthy, and claimed descent from Constantine.
  • When Ravenna is taken, and Vitigis carried into captivity, Jordanes almost exults in the fact that "the nobility of the Amals and the illustrious offspring of so many mighty men have surrendered to a yet more illustrious prince and a yet mightier general, whose fame shall not grow dim through all the centuries."
  • Temple in Lives of Illustrious Persons (1714), 40.
  • 1878), the leader of the modern school and one of the most illustrious men of letters whom his country has produced.
  • The heads of these countly families of the "high nobility" are entitled (by a decree of the federal diet, 1829) to the style of Erlaucht (illustrious, most honourable); (2) Counts of the Empire 2 (Reichsgrafen), descendants of those counts who, before the end of the Holy Roman Empire (1806), were Reichsstiindisch, i.e.