Sentence Examples

  • God was apt to be thought of as purely transcendent, not immanent in the world.
  • Every fragment of the pretended transcendent world belongs to the immanent.
  • We can only explain it by supposing that Wundt wishes to believe that, beyond the " ideal," there really is proof of a transcendent, ideating, substance-generating will of God; and that he is approaching the noumenal voluntarism of his younger contemporary Paulsen.
  • The sense in which there must be a ground of the unity of the supersensible 2 while yet the transcendent use of Reason - i.e.
  • A theosophical system may also be pantheistic, in tendency if not in intention; but the transcendent character of its Godhead definitely distinguishes it from the speculative philosophies which might otherwise seem to fall under the same definition.

What's another word for transcendent?

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