Sentence Examples

  • And indeed, whilst in theoretic theology Brahma has retained his traditional place and function down to our own days, his practical cult has at all times remained extremely limited, the only temple dedicated to the worship of this god being found at Pushkar (Pokhar) near Ajmir in Rajputana.
  • He dealt with the coefficient of performance as a common basis of comparison for all machines, and showed that the compression vapour machine more nearly reached the theoretic maximum than any other (Bayerisches Industrie and Gewerbeblatt, 1870 and 1871).
  • When it is added that Jefferson's assertions, alike as regards Hamilton's talk 3 and the intent and tendency of his political measures, were, to the extent of the underlying basic fact - but discounting Jefferson's somewhat intemperate interpretations - unquestionably true, 4 it cannot be accounted strange that Hamilton's Democratic opponents mistook his theoretic predilections for positive designs.
  • Far from forbidding the relation of lord and vassal, Charles the Bald imposed it upon every man in his kingdom, himself proclaiming the real incapacity and failure of that theoretic royal power to which he laid claim.
  • Pleas for the colonists with that on which they erected their ow theoretic declaration of independence.

What's another word for theoretic?

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