Sentence Examples

  • This is the true standpoint from which the theorem should be regarded.
  • 1 1 where laan and di denotes, not s successive operations of d1, but the operator of order s obtained by raising d l to the s th power symbolically as in Taylor's theorem in the Differential Calculus.
  • The similar theorem for n systems of quantities can be at once written down.
  • To obtain the corresponding theorem concerning the general form of even order we multiply throughout by (ab)2' 2c272 and obtain (ab)2m-1(ac)bxc2:^1=(ab)2mc2 Paying attention merely to the determinant factors there is no form with one factor since (ab) vanishes identically.
  • In general for a form in n variables the Hessian is 3 2 f 3 2 f a2f ax i ax n ax 2 ax " �� ' axn and there is a remarkable theorem which states that if H =o and n=2, 3, or 4 the original form can be exhibited as a form in I, 2, 3 variables respectively.