Sentence Examples

  • Ceeded Michael in 1674), was to pay the penalty Sobieski, of his past lawlessness, to the uttermost farthing.
  • This is not merely in the vague sense that on the whole good will be rewarded and evil punished, but that every single act must work out to the uttermost its inevitable consequences, and receive its retribution, however many ages the process may require.
  • The administrative duties connected with the army of occupation would alone have taxed to the uttermost the powers of an ordinary man.
  • Ferdinand drove to the uttermost the advantages of his victory.
  • Great hindrances were put in the way of the elections, but, as the Prussian and Austrian governments were too much occupied with their immediate difficulties to resist to the uttermost, the parliament was at last chosen, and met at Frankfort on the I8th May.

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