Sentence Examples

  • Thick, the topmost stratum being not later than the Parthian era (H.
  • In cases where the cormus has no pneumatophore the topmost swimming bell may contain an oil-reservoir or oleocyst.
  • These consisted, we are told, of a garden of trees and flowers, built on the topmost of a series of arches some 7 5 ft.
  • It will perch on the topmost bough of a tree, if a tree be near, to watch his proceedings, and the cock exhibits all the astounding gesticulations in which the males of so many other Limicolae indulge during the breeding-season - with certain variations, however, that are peculiarly its own.
  • After proceeding up the nave, he was to kneel and pray at the topmost step of the entrance of the choir, into which he was to be introduced by the bishop or his commissary, and placed in his stall.

What's another word for topmost?

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