Sentence Examples

  • " Ex ungue leonem " might have been justly said, for he attacked, and attacked successfully, the redoubtable Warburton.
  • In this redoubtable churchman the governor found a vigorous opponent who was determined to render the state subordinate to the church.
  • When, however, Bernard, not without foregone terror in the prospect of meeting the redoubtable dialectician, had opened the case, suddenly Abelard appealed to Rome.
  • Sir Bartle Frere, who became high commissioner of South Africa in March 1877, found evidence which convinced him that the Kaffir revolt of that year on the eastern border of Cape Colony was part of a design or desire "for a general and simultaneous rising of Kaffirdom against white civilization"; and the Kaffirs undoubtedly looked to Cetywayo and the Zulus as the most redoubtable of their champions.
  • On the 8th of December 1592 Parma died, and the States 59 were delivered from their most redoubtable adversary.

What's another word for redoubtable?

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