Sentence Examples

  • Farther down are the imposing buildings of the British residency.
  • It rises in an imposing manner from the sea, on a gentle slope in the form of an amphitheatre.
  • 18 imposing ruin of Gutenfels, and facing it, on a rock in the middle of the Rhine, the small castle Pfalz, or Pfalzgrafenstein, where, according to legend, the Palatine countesses awaited their confinement, but which in reality served as a toll-gate for merchandise on the Rhine.
  • The results showed that it must have been one of the most imposing and handsome in India; and it is especially important now from the large number of inscriptions found upon it.
  • Of imposing dimensions, and adorned with stalactites of great beauty, are the most notable among its natural peculiarities; one is situated at the seaward end of the glen of the Mylopotamus, and the other, named Santa Sophia, about two hours' ride from Capsali (Kapsali).

What's another word for imposing?

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