Sentence Examples

  • Four mailboxes with corresponding letters were visible just inside the door: Apartment A listed the name, Aaron Levy, while B appeared vacant.
  • "Tell me about the downstairs tenant in the building, Aaron Levy," Fred asked.
  • Mr. Levy was one of my best tenants.
  • It has original jurisdiction in cases of habeas corpus, mandamus and prohibition, and appellate jurisdiction in cases involving a greater amount than one hundred dollars; concerning title or boundary of lands, probate of wills; the appointment or qualification of personal representatives, guardians, curators, committees, &c.; concerning a mill, roadway, ferry or landing; the right of a corporation or county to levy tolls or taxes; in cases of quo warranto, habeas corpus, mandamus, certiorari and prohibition, and all others involving freedom or the constitutionalit y of a law; in criminal cases where there has been a conviction for felony or misdemeanour in a circuit, criminal or intermediate court; and in cases relating to the public revenues.
  • In return they usually had a house near the episcopal palace, a domain within and without the city, and sometimes the right to levy certain dues on the city.

What's another word for levy?

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