Sentence Examples

  • He knew his father would disapprove of her.
  • He was known to disapprove of the Directory both as an institution in the making of which he had had no hand, and of its personnel, with one exception.
  • The work was printed by the king's printer and dedicated to Louvois, which points to the probability that the government did not disapprove of it.
  • The executive functions of the Senate are: (I) To approve or disapprove the presidents nominations of Federal officers, including judges, ministers of state and ambassadors; (2) to approve, by a majority of two-thirds of those present, of treaties submitted by the president.
  • His so-called veto-power permits him to return to Congress, within ten days after its passage, any bill of which he may disapprove, and, unless this bill re-passes both houses by a two-thirds vote, it does not become law.

What's another word for disapprove?

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