Sentence Examples

  • In 1858 the LiberalConservative party, formed in 1854 by a coalition, attempted to bring him out as a candidate for the upper house, which was at this date elective, but though he had broken with the advanced reformers, he could not approve of the tactics of their opponents, and refused to stand.
  • He abhorred bloodshed, he disliked mob rule, he did not approve of military pronunciamientos.
  • This is plain enough; what remains doubtful is the reason why we approve of these qualities in another man which are useful or agreeable to others.
  • Prussia, however, refused to approve of any coup d'etat; the parliament, chastened by the consciousness that its life depended on the goodwill of the king, moderated its tone; and Maximilian ruled till his death as a model constitutional monarch.
  • " In May, the shepe folde is to be set out "; but Fitzherbert does not much approve of folding, and points out its disadvantages in a very judicious manner.

What's another word for approve?

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