Sentence Examples

  • Others had tried to administer to her but he knew it was pointless and turned away.
  • The agency by which these principles were introduced was the edicts of the praetor, an annual proclamation setting forth the manner in which the magistrate intended to administer the law during his year of office.
  • These administer justice in accordance both with French law and, in the case of natives, with Annamese law, which has been codified for the purpose.
  • Upon the execution of Charles, Cooper took the Engagement, and was a commissioner to administer it in Dorsetshire.
  • The jobars superintend the execution of the laws, collect fines and administer capital punishment; they are in contact with the buluk-bashi, or resident representative of the tribe at Scutari, who forms the only link between the mountaineers and the Turkish government.

What's another word for administer?

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