Sentence Examples

  • At William's coronation it was he who called on them to acclaim their duke as king.
  • Dobrev's performance earned critical acclaim and helped the actress secure two Teen Choice awards, nominations for People's Choice Awards and a role in the opening ceremonies of the Prime Time Emmys with Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Glee.
  • The idea of going back and doing a game with the classic Bond may not seem too exciting, but with Sean Connery providing the voice of the spy he helped rocket to international acclaim, it's a hard idea not to like.
  • Design Reviver's Top 20 List: Another list of great horror movie posters, Design Reviver brings up some great horror posters the posters for Dead Snow, The Evil Dead and Maniac and gives them the acclaim that they deserve.
  • La Roche Anthelios has received an almost universal nod of approval from everyone - dermatologists recommend it highly, and it's been the subject of great acclaim from magazine editors all over the world.