Sentence Examples

  • Near the village a "wishing well" of ancient fame is seen, and close to it the ruins of a baptistery of extreme antiquity.
  • Owing to the fame of this work, he is mentioned by Dante as the Magister sex principiorum.
  • Greifswald is, however, best known to fame by reason of its university.
  • When Ravenna is taken, and Vitigis carried into captivity, Jordanes almost exults in the fact that "the nobility of the Amals and the illustrious offspring of so many mighty men have surrendered to a yet more illustrious prince and a yet mightier general, whose fame shall not grow dim through all the centuries."
  • In World War II, for instance, the Singer Corporation, of sewing-machine fame, made handguns for the war effort.

What's another word for fame?

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