Sentence Examples

  • On the box beside the driver sat a venerable old attendant.
  • In the Roman Church the granting of the title "venerable" is the first step in the long process of the canonization of saints.
  • The pope still addresses his fellow-bishops as "venerable brothers"; but from the Roman Catholic Church the fraternal union of coequal authorities, which is of the essence of episcopacy, has vanished; and in its place is set the autocracy of one.
  • Tronchin, and after travelling in Holland, England and France was received into the "Venerable Compagnie des Pasteurs" of Geneva in 1693.
  • That is to say, the author of the History of Armenia is not the venerable translator of the 5th century, but some Armenian writing under his name during the years between 634 and 642.

What's another word for venerable?

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