Sentence Examples

  • In olden times there were three classes of burgh.
  • No names or details are given, and the dates are different in the two recensions of the Chronicle as "olden days before Bern was founded" (i.e.
  • Dienaar Johan Francken (1620); Historie van het leven en sterven van den Heer Johan van Olden Barneveldt (1648); Groen van Prinsterer, Maurice et Barneveldt (1875); J.
  • In 1617 the Maurice outbreak of the religious dispute between the Remon- Prince of strant and Contra-remonstrant parties brought on a Orange life and death struggle between the sovereign province and John of Olden- of Holland and the States-General of the union.
  • Heissen, to give orders: the hazel-wand was the sceptre of authority of the shepherd chieftain (roc u j e Xaiuv) of olden times, see Grimm, Gesch.

What's another word for olden?

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