Sentence Examples

  • In olden times there were three classes of burgh.
  • Wilson, Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time (1846-1848); O.
  • The grand pensionary, Olden Barneveldt, the leader of the Remonstrant party, Grotius and Hoogerbeets were arrested, brought to trial, and condemned - Olden Barneveldt to death, and Grotius to imprisonment for life and confiscation of his property.
  • In the olden times the Skinners' Company of the city of London was an association of furriers and skin dressers established under royal charter granted by Edward III.
  • No names or details are given, and the dates are different in the two recensions of the Chronicle as "olden days before Bern was founded" (i.e.

What's another word for olden?

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