Sentence Examples

  • They venerate pictures or images, and make the sign of the cross with one finger to show that Christ had but one nature.
  • Natives and Anglo-Indians alike venerate his name, the former as their first beneficent administrator, the latter as the most able and the most enlightened of their own class.
  • Thomas Aquinas based his justification of them on the idea of reverent commemoration; since we venerate the saints, we must also show reverence for their relics, for whoever loves another does honour to that which remains of him after death.
  • They venerate as their founder William Edmundson (1627-1712), a Westmorland man who had borne arms for the Parliament, and who settled in Antrim in 1652.
  • It has a beautiful cathedral, built after a plan by Rastrelli in 1753, to which pilgrims resort to venerate an ikon of the Virgin.