Sentence Examples

  • Lon and the others adore him.
  • The statute De haeretico comburendo had just been introduced for the purpose of stamping out heresy, but it had not become law when Sawtrey was summoned to St Paul's and was charged with denying transubstantiation, with refusing to adore the cross except as a symbol, and with six other heresies.
  • Masjid, sajada, to adore), the house of prayer in the FIG.
  • The Christ is an elect one, who, as the Cathars (q.v.) put it, having been consoled or become a Paraclete in the flesh, stands in prayer with his hands outspread in the form of a cross, while the congregation of hearers or audientes adore the Christ in him.
  • (io) Christ, although he was crucified for us, yet did not command us to adore the cross, as the Gospel testifies.

What's another word for adore?

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