Sentence Examples

  • Though I detest getting back to a city, business calls and I respond.
  • His capacity to speak German with the king would alone have made Sir Robert detest him.
  • It was in reference to this incident that Pope, whose Catholic rearing made him detest the abettor of the Revolution and the champion of William of Orange, wrote in the Dunciad- "Earless on high stands unabash'd Defoe" - though he knew that the sentence to the pillory had long ceased to entail the loss of ears.
  • Living in the grossly animal court of the empress Elizabeth, bound to a husband whom she could not but despise and detest, surrounded by suitors, and entirely uninfluenced by religion, Catherine became and remained perfectly immoral in her sexual relations to men.
  • You know how the children at the Institution detest it.

What's another word for detest?

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