Sentence Examples

  • Everything which retarded the attainment of that end was contemptible in his eyes.
  • His phlegmatic and persistent egotism, his sacrifice of truth and honour to self-interest, his acquiescence in the worst conditions of the world, if only he could use them for his own advantage, combined with the glaring discord between his opinions and his practice, form a character which would be contemptible in our eyes were it not so sinister.
  • On Charles X.'s accession in 1655, Sweden's neighbours, though suspicious and uneasy, were at least not adversaries, and might have been converted into allies of the new great power who, if she had mulcted them of territory, had, anyhow, compensated them for the loss with the by no means contemptible douceur of religious liberty.
  • A great honour to the blessed martyrs, whom they think to illustrate with contemptible little candles (de vilissimis cereolis) !
  • It must be confessed that the conduct of his adversaries was almost as contemptible and unpatriotic. They refused to aid in the war, as if it was the kings private affair and not that of the nation.

What's another word for contemptible?

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