Sentence Examples

  • From the number of its cheek-teeth, the banded ant-eater has been regarded as related to some of the primitive Jurassic mammals; but this view is disputed by Mr Bensley, who regards this multiplicity of teeth as a degenerate feature.
  • It has, however, since been found that in other kinds of insects the tissues degenerate and break down without the intervention of phagocytes.
  • Sometimes the gods of an older religion degenerate into the demons of the belief which supersedes it.
  • The similarity of the form of their appendages to those of the scorpions suggests that they are a degenerate group derived from the latter, but the large size of the prae-genital somite in them would indicate a connexion with forms preceding the scorpions.
  • They are small degenerate animals with a relatively firm integument.

What's another word for degenerate?

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