Sentence Examples

  • Cairolis premiership was, however, destined to be cut short by an atte~npt made upon the kings life in November 1878, during a royal visit to Naples, by a miscreant named Passanante.
  • Every member of his family and every friend was ordered to be massacred by Aga Mahommed; and the successful miscreant thus founded the dynasty of the Kajars at the price of all the best and noblest blood of Iran.
  • Even for the worst miscreant there is hope - for who can say but that God may yet think fit to convert him?
  • At length the inhuman miscreant Mahmtid died, at the early age of twenty-seven, on the 22nd of April 1725.
  • He felt that he was justified in taking this step because of the Ban which Philip had published on the 15th of March 1581, in which Orange had been proclaimed a traitor and miscreant, and a reward offered to any one who would take his life.