Sentence Examples

  • Ing immense influence within it, was in the end always prepared to weaken them by exciting dissension among their people.
  • Many unfounded rumours of a willingness on the part of the Confederate States to make peace were circulated to weaken the Union war spirit.
  • At the same time efforts were made to weaken the Triple Alliance, the principal instrument employed being the entente with France, which Prince Lobanov helped to convert into a formal alliance between the two powers.
  • Motion backwards and forwards once set up goes to cool the glowing mass of fiery vapour and to weaken the tension.
  • The Lagidae, especially, with their much more compact and effective empire, employed every means to weaken their Asiatic rivals; and auxiliaries were found in the minor states on the frontierAtropatene, Armenia, Cappadocia, Pontus and Bithynia.

What's another word for weaken?

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