Sentence Examples

  • When a current comes in from line it passes through the electromagnet in such a direction as to weaken the effect of the permanent magnet; hence the springs are able to release the armature, which rises smartly and in its turn releases the printing mechanism.
  • The indigenous inhabitants; and the rapid succession of conquerors, Lombards, Franks and Germans following each other at no long interval, and each endeavouring to weaken the remaining strength of his predecessor, prevented this alien hierarchy from acquiring ixity by permanence of tenure.
  • The next step was to endeavour so to modify and weaken the virus as to enable it to be used as a preventive or as an antitoxin.
  • By the proposed step she would weaken the Franco-Russian alliance.
  • He also endeavoured to weaken the power of the clergy and to apply a portion of their enormous revenues to purposes of national utility.

What's another word for weaken?

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