Sentence Examples

  • Alondra walked into the room with some tissues and a damp rag.
  • Like the mushroom, it grows in short open pastures and amongst the short grass of open roadsides; sometimes it appears on lawns, but it never occurs in woods or in damp shady places.
  • In coal-mines we have to deal with " fire-damp " or marsh gas, and with inflammable coal dust, which form explosive mixtures with air and frequently lead to disastrous explosions resulting in great loss of life.
  • Where large quantities of fire-damp are present, safety-lamps of approved pattern must be used and carefully inspected daily.
  • Owing to this he had spent the winter of 1860 in Algeria, and every subsequent winter he had to be very careful and confine himself to the house, especially in damp and foggy weather.

What's another word for damp?

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