Sentence Examples

  • The signals must therefore be sent at regular intervals, and to ensure this being done correctly a telephone or time-tapper is provided at each keyboard to warn the operator of the correct moment to depress his keys.
  • The losses of men and money which the war of Chioggia, as it was called, entailed, though they did not immediately depress the spirit of the Genoese republic~ signed her naval ruin.
  • Large doses also depress the nervous system, weakening the anterior horns of grey matter in the spinal cord so as ultimately to cause complete paralysis, and also causing a partial insensibility of the cutaneous nerves of touch and pain.
  • This capacity he never abused so as to burden his conscience or depress his spirits.
  • Aconite is indicated for internal administration whenever it is desirable to depress the action of the heart in the course of a fever.

What's another word for depress?

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