Sentence Examples

  • He relieved his dejection ' Ouvres, i.
  • Xliv., are written in a time of the deepest dejection, and yet are psalms of the Temple choirs; whereas, when the Temple was re-opened for worship, after its profanation by Antiochus, the Jews were victorious, and a much more joyful tone was appropriate.
  • In Stanzas written in Dejection near Naples the two lines 4, 5, "The purple noon's transparent might, I The breath of the moist earth is light," were printed in the 1st edition, "` The purple noon's transparent light," owing to the homoeographon " might" "light."
  • Tears, dejection and passionate expressions of a despair "wishing only for death," bore fitful and variable witness to her first sense of a heavier yoke than yet had galled her spirit and her pride.
  • In religion he found but little comfort during his long and frequent fits of dejection; for his religion partook of his own character.

What's another word for dejection?

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