Sentence Examples

  • Melancholy descended over her with the rain.
  • "Comfortable. Just like an old slipper," he replied, with just a hint of melancholy in his voice.
  • His over-emotional nature passed rapidly from one phase of feelirg to another; but the more melancholy moods predominated.
  • It is a melancholy history, telling of the invasion of the Northmen, and of the dynastic struggles between the petty feudal sovereigns who carved out counties and lordships Growth of the for themselves during the dark centuries which feudal followed the fall of the Carolingian empire.
  • The issue was not unfavourable to Theodoret's cause, but melancholy enough for Theodoret himself: the council of Chalcedon condemned monophysitism, but he unhappily yielded to pressure so far as also to take part in pronouncing " anathema upon Nestorius, and upon all who call not the Holy Virgin Mother of God, and who divide the one Son into two."

What's another word for melancholy?

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