Sentence Examples

  • Desolation, unlike anything she'd ever felt, made her want to sink into the ground and stay there.
  • Desolation absorbed her into her thoughts, until Jade spoke again.
  • The people were for the most part prosperous and contented, but under Verres the island experienced more misery and desolation than during the time of the first Punic or the recent servile wars.
  • By this time the duchy had increased considerably in extent, but petty wars with the other Saxon princes combined with the extravagance of the court and the desolation caused by the Seven Years' War to plunge it into distress and bankruptcy.
  • From the head of Glen Derry, with its blasted trees, the picture of desolation, it becomes more toilsome, but is partly repaid by the view of the remarkable columnar cliffs of Corrie Etchachan.

What's another word for desolation?

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