Sentence Examples

  • He remained content to leave such criminal havoc in the hands of the police.
  • The city and the cathedral suffered considerably from the bombardment, but all traces of the havoc have now disappeared.
  • But even then she was not allowed to rest: she was again disentombed, to be laid in a more magnificent coffin, and the greed of reverential relicseekers made unseemly havoc of her bones.
  • On the one hand he is the god who, through bringing on the rain in due season, causes the land to become fertile, and, on the other hand, the storms that he sends out bring havoc and destruction.
  • We may add that in peninsular Italy, which was most clearly under his ecclesiastical jurisdiction, the Lombards had spread havoc and ruin; so that nearly ninety bishoprics had been suppressed, either temporarily or definitively.

What's another word for havoc?

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