Sentence Examples

  • The scene was total chaos, with goats dashing every which way around the field, trying to avoid the squawking chickens and the fox.
  • The economic and financial position of Czechoslovakia showed signs in 1921 of steady recovery from the chaos which succeeded the close of the war.
  • Dragon of chaos and darkness is conspicuous by her absence.
  • A more satisfactory explanation has been offered by Dieterich (Abraxas, 117 sqq.), who finds in this chapter an adaptation of the birth of Apollo and the attempt of the dragon Pytho to kill his mother Schopfung and Chaos § 3, Religionsgesch.
  • The latter includes three essays on "The Primitive Chaos and Creation of the World," "The General Deluge, its Causes and Effects," and "The Dissolution of the World and Future Conflagrations."

What's another word for chaos?

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